lfa Vitamins Potensex is a dietary supplement offered as a help for men to enhance sexual function and performance. The product is created by an American company called Alfa Vitamins Laboratories founded in 1994. The company distributes its products internationally to over 1600 distributors from 51 countries. The company follows general guidelines established by three authorities in the industry of supplement foods: the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the Department of Agriculture and the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP).

Alfa Vitamins Potensex is designed for adult use and is claimed to help men enhance sexual desire and potency through a proprietary blend of 7 herbal extracts. The core ingredients used to create the formula have been researched for a long time as potential alternative treatments in sexual disorders and most of them were scientifically proven effective.

The formula is claimed to stimulate fertility, enhance prostate health, increase fertility, sexual stamina, and potency. The exact amount of each ingredient is not disclosed by the manufacturer. This may be considered as a disadvantage because it is impossible to determine if the quantities of active substances are high enough to make Alfa Vitamins Potensex an effective supplement.

Some of the most potent herbs included in this formula are the Yohimbe Bark Extract and the Muira Puama Bark.

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