• BIOBEE anti-inflamatory

BIOBEE anti-inflamatory Bee Arthritis Pain Muscular therapy

BIOBEE is a natural supplement made from the venom of the bee. The venom of the bee is called Apitoxin, a potent anti-inflammatory chemical produced by nature. Apitoxin is considered 100x stronger than hydrocortisone and is rich with enzymes that help treat the painful symptoms of arthritis, hypertension, among others. BIOBEE comes in the form of capsules. Gives  you all the healing benefits of Apitoxin without being exposed to the discomfort from the sting of a bee. BIOBEE eliminates root pain, inflammation, and restores mobility in cases of: osteoarthritis, arthritis, and arthrosis. BENEFITS: BIOBEE  is 100% Natural with no side effects.   Helps treat: ArthritisArthrosisOsteoarthritisHypertensionSciatic NerveTendinitisFibromyalgiaHerniated DisC

60 Capsules per bottle

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BIOBEE anti-inflamatory

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